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Don't Miss This Valuable Seminar!

Did you ever find yourself in a vitamin store or a health food store looking at vitamins and supplements and wondering what on earth to buy? Also, how much do I take? When do you take it: with or without a meal? What do these herbs do, are they good for me? Will they do what it says they will do on the bottle? Am I spending my money wisely?

If you are like all of us and have ever wondered these things, then don't miss our free seminar on Saturday, January 9th at 11 a.m. with Sports Nutritionist Chad Shaw. He is an expert on vitamins, supplements, and nutrition that will get you the results you are looking for: if they are to lose weight, build muscle, help with a health issue, or simply to preserve your own good health, he is the man to ask.

He is also brand ambassador for All American EFX supplements: "Ask the Trainer" on the All American EFX website ~ Rather than waiting on email, ask him your questions live and in person!

This seminar will address how to use these supplements along with your other nutrition and exercise questions to achieve the results you want, safely and naturally. It will be in Q&A style format addressing your questions about these supplements; in addition to nutrition as a whole, vitamins & herbs, and exercise.

These supplements are not sold as a plan or a fad diet that will be pushed on our members, and is in no way a pyramid scheme. We simply wanted to offer a variety of high quality supplements that we've researched and believe in, at a discounted price. Our goal with this seminar is to help you figure out which products will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Not all products are for everyone. Some products work better for a particular person than it does for others. That's why we're bringing an expert in to share his knowledge of using the EFX products compared to others.

Be sure to let Nicki or Kraig know if you're interested in attending the seminar! You will need to sign-up so we can determine dates and times.

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