Dear Business Owner,

Does it make sense to offer reimbursement to your employees for a gym membership? OR, is it "worth" it to offer to pay for employees' gym memberships?? The answer is yes, and here is a list of reasons:

~ In the current economy, businesses are cutting back on benefits for their employees. So why not offer a very inexpensive benefit that could also benefit your company. Healthy employees are less likely to quit. Numerous studies show wellness plans not only reduce illness, injury, and healthcare costs, but also increase productivity and boost morale.

~ Healthy employees use fewer sick days. Health insurers and businesses alike understand the importance of preventive care, as it can potentially save lives and improve your bottom line. Employees enrolled in a wellness program can reduce healthcare expenses and absenteeism costs by 25-30%.

~ The employees’ membership dues are tax deductible to you. YES, the cost of paying for health/gym memberships to your employees is a write off as an expense to the company. In addition, your health care provider may reimburse you or deduct your premium for each employee that participates.

~ The benefit to employees is clear, but the value for employers is also tangible. When employees exercise more often and eat better, morale improves, productivity increases and health care costs go down.

Invest in the health of your employees and the return is exponential. A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. Diehard Fitness would like to help you, and your employees to improve your bottom line. We offer 24/7 gym access and memberships include all group classes, one FREE personal training sessions for introduction to gym equipment, personal training sessions (additional cost), moral support to reach their goals, a running group, weight-lifting group, basketball nights; the list is endless. Please contact Nicki at (608) 295-8003 for more information on how to start the process of offering this awesome, additional fringe benefit to your employees and yourself!

Attached are our Corporate Plan prices. Even if you decide not to offer this benefit to your employees, we would still like to extend these corporate prices to your employees (as long as there are 5 or more employees interested in joining). We would also like to extend the reduced membership prices to immediate family members of your employees. Please feel free to contact us at any time to schedule a tour and see all that we have to offer. Hope to see you soon!!

Diehard Fitness LLC Corporate Rates
as of September 18, 2015

Rates below are prices per employee:


# of Employees                       3 Months    (per month)                  6 Months    (per month)                    12 Months    (per month)  


5 or more                                 $86.00        ($28.67)                          $155.00      ($25.83)                          $275.00         ($22.92)

Less than 5 employees would use our regular member pricing.