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“I had never been one to go to a gym, so I was pretty intimidated to sign up. I was warmly welcomed here and feel as though I have become part of a group of people who hold each other accountable while having fun and working out together. The gym is open 24/7, so I can go any time I want to. I love the classes and join those whenever I can. The instructors are always willing to work with me on proper technique, or give me tips for a better workout. We are all at different levels, and are encouraged to do the best we can. Not only do I feel physically better and stronger, I feel like I have an extra support system in my life since going to this gym. I love it here!”
~Wendy Brenneman

“Diehard Fitness is the one stop shop. There is equipment to work muscles you didn’t

even know you had. The atmosphere, equipment, and training is top notch. Just going there is an experience because you get to see how unique every part of the gym is. There is no other gym I’d rather go to.”

~Logan Hein

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