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New! Supplement, Fitness, & Nutrition Q&A Seminar

After much research, we have decided to carry the All American EFX brand supplements at Diehard Fitness. They are some of the highest quality supplements on the market and are tested for purity under the most rigorous standards, so you can feel confident you are putting the best into your body.

All American EFX is a very small, elite group of Sports Nutrition manufacturers. "This means everything – from the purchase of raw materials, formulation and lab testing, to the manufacturing process, packaging, labeling and shipping – is all under one roof. We even develop and own all of the novel ingredients used in our products."

According to AA EFX, the current quality and purity standards were too lax so they created the “EFX Sports Quality Firewall™”. It’s easily the most stringent quality assurance and consumer protection program in the entire industry!

Brand Ambassador, Personal Trainer, Fitness Writer, & Sports Nutritionist, Chad Shaw ("Ask the Trainer" on the All American EFX website ~ will be holding a seminar here at Diehard Fitness around the third week in December (one during the week in the evening and one on a Saturday). The seminar will address how to use these supplements along with your other nutrition and exercise questions to achieve the results you want, safely and naturally. This will be an unique Q&A style seminar addressing questions about the AA EFX supplements; in addition to nutrition as a whole, and exercise.

These supplements are not sold as a plan or a fad diet that will be pushed on our members. If you're interested in receiving information, please ask. We simply wanted to offer a variety of workout supplements that we've researched and believe in, at a discounted price. Our goal with this seminar is to help you figure out which products will help you reach your health and fitness goals. Not all products are for everyone. Some products work better for a particular person than it does for others. That's why we're bringing an expert in to share his knowleadge of using the EFX products compared to others.

Be sure to let Nicki or Kraig know if you're interested in attending the seminar! You will need to sign-up to show your interest so we can determine dates and times.


*NF Pro Whey Protein

*KreAlkalyn Efx pH Correct Creatine

*Freak Maker Shock Pre-Workout

*Karbolyn Performance Carbohydrate

*VitaDrive Performance Multi

*HBCAA Branched Chain Amino Acids

*Test Charge

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